7 Dashboard Lights You Should Know

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Have you ever been cruisin’ down the road when you suddenly noticed a little light on your dashboard and thought what in the world does that mean? Well – I sure have. Below, I have listed out the top seven dashboard lights you should know and what to do if those light up on your dash.

#1: Engine Temperature Warning Light

  • Our Guess: Your engine could be overheating

  • What To Do: Turn off all your systems; radio, air conditioner. Pull over when it is safe to do so and call for assistance, if you are in range of a gas station, choose to pull over there. Don’t open the radiator for at least 30 minutes, this can cause a drop in system pressure and may cause spewing of hot steam and/ or liquid.

#2: Oil Pressure Warning Light

  • Our Guess: Your car could be low on oil

  • What To Do: Pull over to a safe spot on the side of the road, if your engine’s oil pressure drops too low you can ruin your engine. You might need to top off your oil, but it could be something more serious. Bring your car into our service department to diagnose the problem.

#3: Check Engine Light

  • Our Guess: This light can light-up for a number of reasons

  • What To Do: Don’t panic, drop by our service department and we can help you find what may be triggering the light.


#4: Tire Pressure Warning Light

  • Our Guess: At least one of your tires needs air

  • What To Do: Find the nearest gas station, if you’re in the area stop by our service shop, and fill up your tires. Driving more than a few miles can cause major damage to tires.


#5: Gas Tank Light

  • Our Guess: You need to fuel up

  • What To Do: Safely, make it to the nearest gas station and fill up. It can be dangerous for you, your car, and other driver’s if you run out of gas.


#6: Battery Light


  • Our Guess: Your battery needs to be replaced or wiring could be causing it to light up.

  • What To Do: Head to our service department and we can take a look, battery issues can cause your car to lose power.

#7: Seat Belt Light

  • Our Guess: This one should be obvious, buckle up!

  • What To Do: Buckle up, no matter where you’re sitting.  


Mystery lights have a way to appear randomly if this happens visit our service department. We will get you back on the road as quick as possible!

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