Cadillac Continues to “Dare Greatly” in New Advertisements

March 2nd, 2017 by

The Cadillac “Dare Greatly” campaign began last year as part of their preparation for the 88th annual Academy Awards. As the main sponsor of the Oscars, Cadillac has a long history of multiple spots airing throughout the broadcast of one of the highly watched television events of the year. For this year, that carried on with the spirit of their “Dare Greatly” campaign with their spots “Pioneers” and “Pedestal”, two 60-second spots that highlight the past, and present achievements of the brand while also looking ahead to their vision for the future.

In their third advertisement, however, they decided to take a bit of a different approach. The spirit of the message is still daring in many ways, but rather than acknowledging the history of the Cadillac brand they decided to make a bold statement about the current state of our nation. This 60-second spot comments on how we are currently a nation divided and decides to try and highlight some of the positives the show how if we dare we can find a way to be one again. It was a bold political statement for sure, but one that was about inspiring hope for a brighter future that we can all enjoy together. Check it out below.



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