Check Engine – But Why?

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Your check engine light is not your enemy! Here are the top five reasons that it might appear while you’re driving along, minding your own business.


  1. Loose Gas Cap – When your gas cap is loose or even broken, fuel vapors can leak out through it, throwing off your entire fuel system. This increases your vehicle’s emissions and can reduce your gas mileage. If the check engine light comes on, the gas cap is the first thing you should check. If your gas cap was on tightly the whole time, then you know it’s something else that’s made the check engine light come on.

  2. Spark plugs – This is an easy replacement that needs to be done sooner rather than later. Generally, spark plugs should be replaced every so often (cars from before 1996 should have their spark plugs replaced every 25,000-30,000 miles. ewer cars can go about 100k miles before replacement) but, as with everything, they will still fail at some point.

  3. Mass Airflow Sensor – This component tells your vehicle’s computer to add the correct amount of fuel based on the air coming through to the engine. When this part is broken or faulty, your vehicle’s emissions can increase, your fuel efficiency can decrease, and your car can even stall. This happens because the air filter in your car needs to be replaced or adjusted, which can be done at your local Sid Dillon shop.

  4. Oxygen Sensor (O2 Sensor) – This part monitors the unburned oxygen in your exhaust, indicates how much fuel has been burned. When your O2 sensor is broken, your gas mileage can decrease. If you don’t replace this part, your catalytic converter can burn out, which is an expensive repair. Take your car into Sid Dillon for us to figure out which of the four sensors needs replacement, and then we’ll replace it for you.

  5. Catalytic Converter (Cat) – This is one of the most expensive reasons your check engine light can come on. The cat reduces exhaust gases and when it’s broken, your mileage will decrease or your car won’t accelerate properly when you press down on the gas. Take your car into your local Sid Dillon to get this part replaced as soon as you learn that your cat is the issue.

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