Common Driving Hazards For The Fall Part 2

September 30th, 2016 by

We shared the first half of our Fall Driving Hazards list in our last blog and now we want to share the remaining three tips with you. As we mentioned previously, changes in temperature, daylight, and weather can affect driving conditions over the next several weeks. Be sure to read through the remainder of this list and keep all of these suggestions in mind as you navigate your way through the Fall season.

5.) Fog – The decrease in temperature leads to an increased amount of moisture in the air which causes fog. As you know, fog causes visibility issues that can range from minor to major and the thickness can change from one area to the next. So be cautious because fog tends to affect your depth perception and can muffle sounds making it more difficult to get a feel for your surroundings.

6.) Shorter Days – While daylight savings time does not go into effect for about another month, the days will be getting progressively shorter as we will lose about one to two minutes of sunlight per day. Therefore, the lighting that you will be driving home in will be different than what you have been used to. You will be driving home with the glare of a setting sun, and then in dusk, and eventually it will be dark out when you leave. Remember to take this factor into account and allow your eyes to adjust to a difference in the light after you leave your bright office.

7.) People In The Dark – The lack of sunlight at the end of the day does not mean that people are going to be changing their routines. The same commuters and joggers that usually head out after work will still be there but since it will be dark, it will be harder for you to see them. Keep a sharp eye out especially when you are driving through heavily trafficked or residential areas.

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