De-Ice Your Car Quickly!

December 29th, 2017 by


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So, we all know that winter has roared in with a vengeance this year, which means that in the morning when you get into your car you probably have a little trouble with entering it due to ice buildup and general frozen-ness. Thankfully, we have some tips for getting into your car and getting rid of that pesky ice without scratching your paint, glass, or freezing things up further. Keep reading for this valuable information!


  1. Use a plastic or rubber scraper on your windows. Don’t use your keys or anything else that’s metal because you WILL scratch your glass and paint.

  2. You can make a solution of one part rubbing alcohol and two parts water to spray on your icy glass. Spray, wait a few minutes, and then run the wipers – no more ice!

  3. If your doors are frozen shut, pour a little cold water on them. Hot water can cause damage to glass and paint when it’s cold enough for water to freeze.

  4. Don’t use a lighter, hair dryer, or anything with a point or an edge to try and chip away at the ice. Patience is a virtue.

  5. Use your defrosters! Make sure they work before winter begins, and then get out to your car a little early to turn them on and start the melting process. Make sure your wipers are free of ice and you’ll be good to go.

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