Don’t Be Trapped In A Bubble!

February 23rd, 2018 by

Does anyone else out there personally identify with bubble boy? Everything the light touches is something I am allergic to. I can find something to be allergic to in any season, but warmer weather is my own personal nightmare. Looking outside I can actually see the pollen floating around in the air, and really with the sun shining and birds singing, it feels like I’m being mocked. Oh, look at how beautiful and lovely the weather is today! It’s so nice just sitting out in the sun. TOO BAD THE ACTUAL AIR IS TRYING TO KILL YOU.

Well, maybe it won’t kill me, but it’ll 100% ruin my day. At any rate, I digress. As the air itself, is in fact, trying to make things much harder for me, I find that I need to take extra steps to be able to breath in normal situations, therefore it is even more important that places I spend a lot of time are as allergy proofed as possible. My car is one of the spaces I am in the most, AND is most likely to be an allergy based death trap. So, naturally, I have developed a few surefire ways to remove as many allergens as humanly possible from my car. My car will never be as pure and clean as bubble boy’s bubble, BUT I have come close.

Tip 1: Vacuum the car regularly. Now, regularly for you may mean anything from a few times a year, to a few times a week. For me, regular vacuuming means almost daily. I am aware of how intense that schedule of cleaning is, but like…I want to breathe, and the air doesn’t want me to, so I’ve gotta do what I’ve gotta do. You on the other hand may not have allergies quite this vicious, so weekly or even biweekly should be fine. Also having leather seats is a HUGE help. All you have to do is wipe those down and that’s one less surface that the pollen and dust can cling to.

Tip 2: Make sure your air filters are replaced regularly. Depending on the driving conditions, the timeframe between changes could be anywhere between 15,000 miles and 30,000 miles. For example, if you spend a lot of time off roading or driving around unpaved roads, you may need to get the filter replaced more frequently than if you drive on only paved roads. Also if you drive a lot, like me, you may need to replace your air filter more often.

Tip 3: Don’t drive with your windows down. Now if you’re me, this is a no brainer. I look outside and start sneezing, so driving with the windows down is not even something I would consider. If, however, your allergies are slightly more mild you may see that it’s 70 degrees out and just want to drive with the windows down to get some of that fresh air. But the fresh air is a trick. It’s not fresh air at all. It’s all just itty bitty bits of pollen wreaking havoc on your sinuses. If you love your nose, keep those windows closed.

I know that when the sun’s out you want to be out there getting gorgeously tanned, but when you have allergies and Benadryl only does so much, sometimes extra measures need to be taken. Your best bet is to keep your car clean and vacuumed…or take a page from bubble boy and get your own personal bubble. The bubble isn’t terribly practical, but you do you. If you find your current vehicle isn’t staying allergy free easily, stop by your local Sid Dillon today to find one that will. We’re sure to have the right car for you!

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