Easy, Simple Car Shopping

July 27th, 2017 by

Easy, Simple Car Shopping

When searching for a car, how do people pick the perfect one for them? Is color the most important? The way it drives?

I am in the market for a new car and I guess I am not sure how I would go about choosing my next ride. I asked some of my friends how they chose the vehicle that they have now.


They said that I need to know what kind of ride I want. I didn’t get that at first. What did they mean when they said what kind of ride? Obviously a good one. Then they asked if I had a specific color. That I did have, I wanted to get into the exotic colors like a blue or a red, even this green color I saw last week. Does color really make a big difference when buying a car?

My friend Misty told me that your car shows the world who you are, if your car color sticks out, you stick out. I do need a bit of change in my life. So when I waltzed in to take a look at my choices of vehicles, I wanted to choose a vehicle that represents me, maybe even a more outgoing me.

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My sales consultant let me take a look at over ten cars. The poor guy was so patient, but he understood that this is a big purchase, therefore, I needed to make sure that the car fit me and my lifestyle. When we were test driving, I realized what my friends were saying about what kind of ride. Some were bumpy, some gave me smoother rides, some I couldn’t even get in the vehicle, I mean the list goes on. Who knew there were so many different choices.


I knew when I stepped into this one that it had to come home with me. It was a Nissan Murano. A dark gray one with grilles that could be seen from miles away. It had room for my kids as well which is always a plus. We waited for the kids to get to the dealership so we can test drive with them and see if they fit comfortably in the back. Luckily they did because that was the one issue I had with my old car.


Our sales consultant was so great! He knew I didn’t have much time to be at the dealership, so he got all my information and took care of it for me. I stopped in one night after work and my new car was ready to go. It was so clean that I was amazed. He really did take the time to make sure that the car was ready for me to drive away. He also took his time to explain to me all the functions. He made sure I knew how to work my phone while in the car using hands-free Bluetooth. He was so sweet, he even let me take it for a spin with him in the car before I drove off.

When looking for a vehicle, I will say at Sid Dillon, you don’t need to know exactly what you want when you walk through those doors, but when you come out, you will know exactly what it is that you want.


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