GM Certified Pre-Owned Program

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What does “Certified Pre-owned” mean to you?

Wouldn’t it be great if we could afford to purchase a brand-new vehicle every time we needed a new one? Oh…that new car smell, the warranty, no worries. But, who wants the new-car payment? Or, the cost of new-car taxes and licensing?

What would you say if I told you you could purchase a like-new, used car without the new-car payment or new-car taxes and licensing, and included a warranty? At Sid Dillon we classify these vehicles as “Certified Pre-owned vehicles.”

What is a Certified Pre-owned vehicle? They are vehicles less than six years old and under 75,000 miles. These vehicles go through a 172-point check including tires, brakes, engine, transmission, air bags, interior, and exterior features to ensure proper operation.

What about a warranty? Will you have to pay extra for a warranty? The answer is, no! Certified Pre-owned vehicles come with a 100,000-mile Powertrain warranty as well as an additional 12-month/12,000-mile bumper-to-bumper warranty. In addition, a 2-year maintenance plan is included. What more could you ask for?

Believe it or not, there is more! A Certified Pre-owned vehicle is the best option, next to a brand-new car. Certified Pre-owned vehicles are put through extensive checks including:

Investigating the vehicle history. We input the vehicle’s VIN into our Global Warranty Management system in GM Global Connect which contains summary information regarding the vehicle’s title. You will receive a printed summary disclosing this information. We also check for recalls, warranty remaining, and vehicle trouble codes. A GM Certified Pre-owned vehicle must be an “exceptional used vehicle” in both appearance and mechanical conditions to qualify.

Maintenance check: Our maintenance check includes: engine and oil filter, hoses, clamps, serpentine belts, wiper blades, battery status, and fluid levels.

Tire and brake pads: Includes tread depth and tire tread thickness check, and brake and pad thickness check.

Interior detail check:  All interior surfaces are cleaned including headliner, cloth trim, and seat cushions. Lighting, seating, trim/controls, speaker grilles, and floor mats are checked for proper working order. All cigarette damage, residue, and stains are removed to the best of our ability.

Exterior detail check: Recondition minor paint scratches, chips and pits, remove grease, wax, and road tar, and clean and dress the exterior surface including wheels, wheel covers, and exposed undercarriage components. Cracks, chips, scratches, and pitting in the windshield are checked to ensure it meets GM standards. Lights, body panels, bumpers, grill, hood, trunk, roof, and checked and dents and dings are repaired.

Road check: The vehicle is driven to ensure the engine, transmission, vehicle stability, windshield wipers, odometer, headlamp, signals, mirrors, defrost, gauges, HVAC, traction control, and cruise are all in working order.

Functionality check: The functionality check ensures your OnStar, air bags, parking brake, weather stripping, convertible top, door reflectors, child safety locks, fuel door cap, spare tire, alarm, seat belts, cigarette outlets, and keys, key fobs, and remote start work efficiently.

Engine compartment check: Includes a thorough check on the brake system, cooling system, ignition system, AC Compressor, vacuum system, fuel system, and power steering system.

Under vehicle check: This portion of the inspection may be performed on a hoist or lift. This inspection includes all working parts in the following systems: brakes, suspension, and drivetrain.

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