Hyundai Share’s Ana’s Story About Striving For Better

June 2nd, 2017 by

Facing adversity or a difficult challenge in life is never easy. However, it is when we are faced with these challenges that we learn more about who we are and where our passions truly lie. Hyundai is dedicated to helping their customers discover their passions and reach new heights in their explorations which is the inspiration behind their tag line of “Better Drives Us”. This theme was definitely one that Hyundai owner Ana could relate to after going through a personal tragedy that caused her to have to reevaluate her life.

Ana had always had a strong relationship with nature spending most of her time outdoors hiking, running, and participating in all different activities. However, that all had to change when she contacted lyme disease. Anyone who is familiar with the disease knows that it can be quite serious and can leave you feeling completely debilitated. According to the Mayo Clinic common symptoms include pain and stiffness or swelling in the joints or muscles, whole body fatigue and discomfort, fever, headache, and a bull’s-eye rash around the site of the tick bite. Basically, you entire body becomes worn down as it struggles to fight the effects leaving you feeling sick and lethargic at all times. Additionally, going outside in nearly impossible since direct contact with sunlight can exacerbate your symptoms.  

For Ana, contracting this disease was devastating because it significantly changed her lifestyle in ways that she never thought. She was no longer able to venture on her usual outdoor adventures which caused her to lose relationships and everything that she had worked for due to the drastic change in her lifestyle. As a result she was forced to find a new focus for her passion in order to find happiness and fulfilment in new and exciting ways.

Ana chose to and turned to art and is now living as a local artist in Lake Tahoe and a strong advocate for Lyme Disease. She works with her local community to remain involved and they in turn help her to promote her message about her disease. She has teamed up with local galleries and organizations to showcase her work and a portion of the sales of her art go towards helping patients with Lyme who are in crisis.

Hyundai chose to share Ana’s story because she represents proof that you can either to accept what is or strive for better. Hear her tell her full story in the video below.

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