Living in a Vehicle? Simple.

July 7th, 2017 by

Everyone is downsizing these days. Whether it’s your house, your wardrobe, or even your patience, downsizing has taken over!

My question of the day is, if you had to downsize and you had to live in your car, what would be the top five things you would need to bring with you?

Yes, you can’t bring your dresser, bathroom, or closet, but you can choose a few items to make it more “homey”. We won’t count food or refrigerators!  

Now, depending on what car you may have, will determine what you bring. I did a little bit of digging to see what people would say they would bring if they had to live in the car and here is what they said!

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  • Duffle Bag of Clothes – Well, you need these daily, so I see that!

  • Shoes – Yeah barefoot might get you sent to the hospital

  • Weights – Workout weights?…Okay didn’t see that coming

  • Pillows – Yes, of course, pillows!

  • A Foam Mattress Pad (twin-size) – I see that! You’re all set for sleeping comfortably

  • Books, music, and things to keep busy with- Yeah I guess on your spare time- makes sense!


Although everyone has specific things that they would bring that might differ from yours, you have to think that different vehicles might be able to hold more items. What would be your number one item you would bring that fits your specific vehicle if you had to live in your car?


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