Common Driving Hazards For The Fall

September 28th, 2016 by

During our last blog, we discussed a car care checklist that we encourage all drivers to keep in mind to get your vehicle ready for the new season now that fall is officially underway. As everyone knows, the change of season means a change in temperature, weather, and road conditions. So that means that along with vehicle maintenance there are several new obstacles that you should keep an eye out for during this time of year as well. We have shared a few of common road hazards below so check them all out and keep them in mind as you are out driving over the next several weeks.

1.) Leaves – The term Fall is actually a nickname given to this time of year due to the common occurrence of falling leaves in Autumn. While falling leaves may be this season’s namesake they can be quite dangerous to drivers. They can pile up and block the visibility of curbs and potholes making these common road hazards even more of an issue. Also, when leaves get wet they become slippery patches on the road which can lead to an road condition that is similar to driving on ice. While wet leaves are dangerous, overly dry leaves are not much better since dry foliage can spark a fire ignited by your catalytic converter is you park on top of them.

2.) Frost and Ice – If we are lucky the really cold days will not show up until later in the season, however, drops in temperature can lead to frosty conditions especially in shadier areas. So be sure to keep an eye out for it and be extra cautious especially since it is more uncommon for September road conditions.

3.) Deer – Have you ever noticed how much more common it is to see deer out on the road this time of year? Well in case you didn’t realize it that is because the fall is their mating season and so they are going to be understandably more out and about looking for some fun. So make sure to keep an eye out for them darting into the road as hitting a deer and be dangerous and expensive.

4.) Sudden Rain Storms – While it is normally April showers that bring May flowers heavy and unexpected rain showers can be common in the fall as well. This time of year a heavy rain can be particularly dangerous because the long hot months of summer have caused oil to build up on the roads. As we all know oil and water do not mix which is is why this can be a particularly dangerous combination.

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