Buick Brand History & Current Models

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The Buick Brand History – 1903 to Today – And Beyond Into The Future

The Buick brand officially began back in 1903 when it was incorporated, and founder David Dunbar Buick, moved production from Detroit to Flint, Michigan. Buick and his engineer Walter L. Marr had been building gasoline engines and working on the design of their line since 1899 but it was 1903 when the Buick brand was officially put on the map. The beginning for Buick started out rocky, but quickly escalated into an impressive level of success. The brand was close to going bankrupt in 1904, only a year after being incorporated, but they persevered and went on to become the number one producer of vehicles in 1908, beating out Ford and Cadillac production totals combined.

1923 – A Buick Milestone – Buick Surpasses One Million Vehicles Built

Success only continued to come to Buick with them reaching a number of production and automotive industry milestones over the years. In 1923, just before their 20th anniversary, Buick built its one-millionth vehicle, marking a major production achievement for the brand. By 1938 they unveiled the all-new two-passenger Y-Job convertible which was dubbed as “The World’s First Concept Car”. During WWII Buick helped in the war effort by building aircraft engines, Hellcat tank destroyers, and various other types of military hardware after being awarded over 30 separate military contracts.

The Decades of the ’60s, the ’70s, and the ’80s – Buick Bridges Many Milestones

The Buick brand’s success and acclaim in the automotive industry has grown exponentially over time. By 1962, the Buick’s all-new V6 Special was named the “Car of the Year” by MotorTrend and overall sales for that year reached over 450,000. In 1973, they reached a record-setting annual sales total of 821,165 units. The oil crisis later that year impacted sales for a bit, but by the mid 1980s they were back to setting records with over one million units sold worldwide in 1984!

The Buick Brand Has Amassed Many Awards From Highly Heralded Industry Leaders

Over the years, the Buick brand has achieved a number of impressive accolades for outstanding vehicles in its lineup with recognition from top corporations such as Kelley Blue Book, Vincentric, IIHS, NHTSA, J.D. Power, Consumer Guide™, and much more. Additionally, Buick has made an effort to use their success to give back through a number of philanthropic efforts including their Buick Achievers Scholarship Program which rewards students who show an exemplary dedication in both education and life. The program provides these dedicated students, who may not have been able to afford higher education, with scholarships of up to $200,000 over four years.

Buick: Over 110 Years Of History As An American Automobile Manufacturer

It has been more than 110 years since Buick first made its way into the automotive industry and in that time, it has truly paved the way for success through a variety of different ventures, hard work, dedication, and a number of landmark moments.

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