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Ford History

The Ford Motor Company was founded in 1903, seven years after Henry Ford built his first automobile called the quadricycle. The company sold their first Ford Model A on July 23, 1903. It would be another four years before the iconic Ford logo was created by Childe Harold Wills inspired by the writing style taught in schools when Ford was a child. A year later, Ford introduced the infamous Model T, the first affordable automobile.

1913 – Ford develops the moving assembly line – saves time – reduces costs – lowers prices

In 1913, Ford gave the world his arguably biggest contribution to the auto boom: the moving assembly line. This reduced assembly time by 11 hours, allowing Ford to produce more cars and lower the price, making vehicles more affordable for everyone. Ford continued his efforts to make Ford vehicles more affordable, especially for those who helped build them. He instituted the “$5 Workday” and shortened the day from 9 hours to 8, so his employees could afford to buy and enjoy Ford vehicles. This created a loyalty to Ford and helped to create the middle class.

The Original Model T – It’s Successor The Model A – The Post WWII F-Series Still in Production!

Many memorable vehicles have emerged from the Ford line over its rich history. The first Ford vehicle, the Model T, still remains one of the best-selling cars of all time, going on to sell over 15 million automobiles before its production end in 1927. The 1928 Model A was the first vehicle to sport the blue Ford oval logo and managed to sell over five millions vehicles despite emerging at the cusp of the Great Depression. In 1948, they introduced the F-Series line of trucks, which has been the best-selling vehicle in the United States since 1982. The Ford Mustang went on sale in 1964, celebrating its 50th anniversary of speed and style in 2014. In 1990, Ford launched the Sport Utility Vehicle craze in the states with the introduction of their SUV, the Ford Explorer.

1922 – Ford acquires the Lincoln Motor Company – 1938 Ford Launches the Mercury Brand

Since the early years of the Ford Motor Company, Ford has been acquiring and expanding to produce vehicles that appeal to every driver. In 1922, Ford ventured into the luxury vehicle market and acquired Lincoln Motor Company, bringing us iconic vehicles like the Lincoln Continental. In 1938, they created the Mercury brand to offer medium-priced vehicles for customers who wanted a happy medium between an affordable Ford and a high-end Lincoln. The first Mercury vehicle was the 1939 Mercury 8. In 2011, Mercury was discontinued so Ford could focus their efforts on their other two brands.

Ford Originated Many Industry Leading Safety Innovations

Ford has always been at the forefront of safety innovation. Their 1928 Model A was one of the first to feature a safety-glass windshield. In 1954, they began crash-testing their vehicles to ensure they would protect drivers and passengers in the event of an accident. In 1970, they introduced the three-point, self-adjusting and retracting front outboard lap and shoulder belt.

Ford Engineers Contributed To The US Space Program – Helping Design Mission Control Center

In addition to safety, Ford has also had an unwavering commitment to technological innovation. In 1965, they designed the Mission Control Center, which was later used to help the United States land on the moon. In more recent years, Ford has been focusing their technology efforts on their vehicles. In 2007, they formed a partnership with Microsoft to bring customers SYNC, their hands-free and voice-activated system which offers mobile phone connection and navigation so drivers can keep their hands on the wheel and eyes on the road. To offset rising gas prices and environmental concerns, Ford created the turbocharged EcoBoost engine which delivers better fuel economy and more power.

Ford: 100+ Years With a History of Innovation and Invention – Ford Continues It’s Quest

With over a hundred years of success, innovation, and partnerships under their belt, Ford isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Join the ride at Sid Dillon!

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