Spring Is Air Filter Change Season!

March 30th, 2018 by


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Spring has arrived here in good ol’ Nebraska, or at least that’s what the calendar says, and we’re here this week to talk to you about changing your air filter! Spring is the perfect time to get this done, and we’ll tell you why in the blog below.

So why bother with the air filter in the first place if it’s just going to get all gross and stop air from getting to your engine? Much like in your own nose, you don’t want to be breathing in dirt and dust, you have little nose hairs that trap those nasty particles allowing you to breathe fresh air. As you can imagine, dirt and dust can wreak havoc on your lungs making the rest of your body functions more difficult. For a similar reason, it is important that dirt is not allowed to enter the engine as it can cause a great deal of damage or even kill your power plant, affecting your MPGs and leading to further potential damage to the engine.

An air filter is made predominantly of cotton, paper, or gauze. These materials are used because they trap dirt and still allow air to pass through. Air filters do not trap 100% of dirt particles but around 99% of particles are normally filtered out. New filters generally keep out less dirt than older filters because the filter must first build up a dust film which makes the holes in the filter smaller and allows it to trap more dirt.

So it stands to reason that when too much dirt builds up in the air filter, the air flow into the engine suffers and it will need to be replaced. Not changing the air filter can reduce the engine’s performance and decrease the MPG of the vehicle. Because your car doesn’t have the luxury of being able to blow its nose, you have to make sure that you keep your air filters clean and fresh for your vehicle. If you can’t tell by looking, but it’s been more than three years or 30,000 miles, you probably should get a new one.


Does this week’s blog have you convinced? Find your local Sid Dillon store and stop in for an air filter replacement before the pollen starts flying thick and fast. You’ll thank yourself for doing it later, we promise!

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