Stuck In The Mud? No Worries!

May 10th, 2018 by


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Even though the weather’s warming up, it’s still springtime, which means that you’ve got an increased chance of getting your vehicle stuck in the mud. No matter how big your truck is or how new your tires are, any vehicle can get stuck and it can seem like an almost impossible task to free yourself from the mire. You have a couple options for getting out of the muck – take a look!

A couple of the options you have at your disposal are nice, grippy tires, a tow strap or tow chain, or hiring a tow service. Tires are expensive, and your vehicle needs to be powerful enough to use them properly. Tow straps and chains mean that you need a reliable friend, with a truck, to come pull you out… and waiting on your friends can be tough and sometimes not even worth it. And the tow service? Well, that costs money as well, and you’ll still be waiting an age.

If you want to fix your own problem, try our favorite technique. Sure, it’s a little messy, but it works and it works fast. What is the solution, you ask? Using your floor mats.

To use this technique, you need your car mats (or old blankets, your trunk liner, or pieces of old carpet that you keep in your vehicle for this express purpose – hint hint) and a stuck car. Don’t try to get yourself out without help once you realize you’re stuck! You’ll just dig yourself in deeper.

Put your car into park, then take your mats and put just the very tip or edge under your stuck tire, with the rest of the mat in front of the tire. Get back behind the wheel and drive forward very slowly, onto the mats, until you’re out of the muck and mire.


Finally, to avoid a similar situation again, make sure that you’re consistently checking your tires. Make sure you have them filled to the proper pressure and that the treads are still in good shape… not bald or balding! If you have questions, come ask us any time!

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