The AC Leak

July 13th, 2017 by

I have never been that spoiled kid that got the new car on their sixteenth birthday- or ever. I actually drove around in my dad’s old car for ages. My friends used to make fun of me constantly, there was always some parts of that car that were missing.

I remember this one day in the summer. It was so hot that while my friends and I were riding to the beach, my air conditioner gave out. It didn’t give out completely at first. It started leaking, but cool air was still coming out. Then on the way back, it just shut off.

We were stuck with five guys in a smelly, warm car- not even close to being okay. No one ever sat us down to tell us signs that the air conditioning might be dying. So I read up on it and here is what I found.

Here are three signs that you might want to get your air conditioner checked out:

  • Refrigerant Leak: This is when the AC leaks. The Refrigerant evaporates into gas which is enclosed in the sealed AC systems.

  • Your compressor might be worn out: The compressor is what gets your AC moving! This is what circulates the air throughout. You should run the compressor once a month to prolong its life.

  • Electrical: Your AC runs with many electrical fuses and wires attached. If problems occur with one of the electrical wires, it might just mean they are getting too old and should be changed right away.


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There are so many factors that play into a broken AC in your car. When you stop by your service department, they will be able to assist you. Having a functioning air conditioner in your vehicle is not only needed for those hot summer months but because it also might cause other issues within your vehicle.

Making an appointment with your service advisor is necessary to fix this issue and should be addressed rather quickly!

Let’s just say that my friends never let me live that day down. We drove all the way home with all the windows down only getting cooler if the vehicle was moving and the breeze was coming in. What a day!

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