Tips For Inexpensive Fall Travel Part 1

October 21st, 2016 by

With the crisp air, the beauty of the multi-colored leaves, and the return of pumpkin spice, Fall is definitely a season filled with fun and excitement! While most people think of summer when it comes to travel, there is actually quite a few excursions that you can enjoy this time of year. And, if you are on a budget. We have a list of ways to save on your Fall travels released by Forbes that we will be sharing with you over the next few blogs, check out the first five options below!

1.) Look for local Oktoberfests – Oktoberfest is an annual celebration that is help for for about 16-18 days each year in Munich, Germany. The festival usually runs from mid-September through the first weekend in October. While flying to Germany may be outside your budget there are many cities in North America that have begun holding their own version of this fun and exciting celebration so you might be able to enjoy the festivities much closer to home.

2.) Grab the Golf Clubs – Since most people prefer to golf in the warmer weather you can find some great discounts on golf clubs this time of year.In fact, the discounts will generally range from about 20-50 percent! Plus, since this is the off-season for this sport the golf courses will be much less crowded and you will be able to enjoy the beautiful foliage while you play.

3.) Go Apple Picking – Apple picking is a fun and inexpensive way to get outside and promote a healthy lifestyle this time of year. Not only are you being active as you make your way around the orchards carrying bushels of apples, but you are bringing home a healthy snack that everyone can enjoy. In order to keep costs down make sure you call around to the local orchards to get the best price.

4.) Take a Hike – This may sound simple but hiking is actually a fun activity that the entire family can participate in. Plus, depending on where you go it’s free or very inexpensive to do. Once again you will be enjoying the beauty of this season while also being active, which is important since we all tend to be much more stagnant during the colder months ahead.

5.) Cash in Credit Card Rewards – Since this is generally considered the off-season for traveling airfare and travel rates will be more open and inexpensive. For additional savings check out the rewards points that you have on your credit cards and see if you can cash any of them in.

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