Tips For Inexpensive Fall Travel Part 2

October 25th, 2016 by

In our last blog, we took you through a few options on ways to save on traveling this fall. This season is such a beautiful time of year that we greatly encourage you to get out there, explore, and just enjoy all that the fall season has to offer. Check out below to see a few more tips from Forbes on ways to enjoy this time of year without breaking the budget.

6.) Try A Staycation – One of the best ways to save money on a vacation is to stay at home. You would be surprised by just how many unexplored places there are right in your hometown. Often times locals tend to overlook some of the best parts of their town just out of habit or because it feels to “touristy”. If you want to give yourself more of a vacation feel try booking a suite at a hotel not far from you. Since you will be saving money on all of the travel expenses you can splurge with a nice room and feel like you are getting away but at a fraction of the cost.

7.) Book Thanksgiving Early – If you are planning on traveling for Thanksgiving be sure to have all of your travel arrangements taken care of between September 5th and November 1st. By September the summer prices will have dropped, but by November the prices will start to hike up in anticipation of the holiday booking rush. So plan accordingly when making your travel arrangements.

8.) Don’t Make Assumptions About Cheaper Transportation – More often than not, flying is more expensive than other forms of traveling. However, depending on where you are headed, that is not always the case. In fact, according to results from cities such as Denver, Las Vegas, Dallas, Seattle and Chicago have several travel routes where flying is actually cheaper than taking the bus (and a lot faster). So make sure you really do your homework before buying any tickets.

9.) Take Advantage Of Off-Season – Once the fall season starts the kids all go back to school which means that there are significantly less people booking flights and hotel rooms for vacations. This means that the prices will be lower and the crowds will be smaller. Also, if you travel before it is too far into the season you can enjoy all of the same attractions but without the blaring heat of the summer but before the cold really sets in.

10.) Avoid Fall Breaks – Even though school starts again in the fall there are a few breaks that students get in the fall. Therefore, make sure to avoid choosing those weeks to travel since the crowds and high prices you were trying to avoid will still be a problem.

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