What’s That Smell?

April 3rd, 2018 by

You Smell: Rotten eggs
What It Is: Your catalytic converter is having an issue, hydrogen sulfide is making its’ way into your exhaust. This could be either a fuel injection problem, or your cat is failing. This is, unfortunately, a pretty hefty financial repair. But if you smell the rotten eggs when your car is not running, the problem may be inside the car.

You Smell: Sulfur
What It Is: When you smell sulfur in your car all the time, you can assume it’s gear lubricant leaking from the manual transmission, transfer case, or differential housing. There are sulfur compounds in the oil that serve as extreme-pressure lubricants for the gears in these parts, and after being in use for a few years this substance can get kind of nasty. Look for oil or puddles under your car. If you see this, you should bring your vehicle into the shop.

You Smell: Maple syrup
What It Is: Coolant contains ethylene glycol in it, which smells sweet but is definitely toxic. If you’re smelling it, that means there’s a leak somewhere in your system. This is a pretty easy fix, but you should still bring your vehicle in to get looked at.

You Smell: A gas station
What It Is: Unless you’re at the local gas station, you shouldn’t be smelling this. It’s straight up gasoline, which should be inside your car and not outside of it. If your car is more than 30 years old then you might smell this when you turn your car off, if your car is newer than that, the smell of gas means that you’ve got an issue. This could be a leak from the fuel injection line or a fuel tank vent hose in your engine.

You Smell: Hot oil
What It Is: The easiest smell to diagnose is hot oil. The oil is getting hot because it’s leaking onto the exhaust manifold, which becomes hot when your engine is running. It’s not a pleasant smell by any means, take a look around your engine and keep an eye out for smoke. If you can find the leak, try to stem it, and bring your car to our service department without hesitation!
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