Why Our Roofing Company Has Bought 6 Trucks From Sid Dillon (So Far)

September 27th, 2018 by

When you’re a growing roofing company, you need to continually add trucks to your fleet. We reached out to several trusted friends to ask for a reference and we ended up selecting Sid Dillon to begin that process.

We were connected immediately with Tyler Schenzel at Sid Dillon Chevrolet in Fremont to help us find vehicles. He was warm, charming, and engaging of our needs.

Though our interaction was primarily with Tyler, there were several other Sid Dillon employees we worked with along the way. Here are some of the attributes of the company that we love:

Amazing Customer Service

Sales people are known to be friendly, however, the sincerity of the customer service is evident at Sid Dillon.

Of course they want to get paid, but their sincere and genuine care of our needs felt more important than making the sale.

Tyler thoughtfully listened to our needs and gave advice with our best interest in mind. Not only Tyler, but every interaction at Sid Dillon was marked by genuine concern for us as individuals. No pushy salespeople, no hard sales tactics, and definitely no “used car salesman” vibe.

Sid Dillon has totally changed our perception of car buying.

Customer Advocate

The “Us” VS. “You” dynamic doesn’t exist here.

Why? We always felt that they were on our side.

We could make one phone call and within minutes get a list of potential vehicles. Communication is clearly a priority and we were always up-to-date on the status of the hunt.

Tenacity is another quality that stood out. Tyler relentlessly hunted down vehicles until he could find what we needed. There was an instance once when they ventured to Minnesota to pick up the truck we needed.

Sure, you expect that in a car dealership, however, it was a nice gesture nonetheless.
Let’s talk car negotiations.
This is really where you can start to resent a car dealership, but that was not the case here. Tyler went to bat for us and we always quickly reached an agreeable amount. The prices felt fair for both parties and everyone could walk away feeling like it was a win.

We’ve established a trusted relationship at Sid Dillon and we look forward to doing business with them.

Efficient Processes

Though there is a lot of paperwork when buying a car, Sid Dillon made the process seamless.

Their team did a lot of the work ahead of time so that we had to do very little by the time the vehicles were ready. When it was time for pick-up, there were no delays or administrative obstructions.

It was effortless to get the new keys and drive out of the dealership.

Sid Dillon is a car dealership that values your time because they didn’t waste any of ours.


Working with Sid Dillon to purchase our company trucks was nothing short of VIP service. They have outstanding customer service, they’re customer advocates, and work hard to make it efficient. We have bought several vehicles and intend on buying more as our company grows.

If you’re looking for work vehicles or vehicles in general then do yourself a favor and go to Sid Dillon.

In the words of one of our owners (Keith), “We love love love working with Sid Dillon!”

– Cam Vacek | Client Experience Coordinator

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