You Get What You Pay For

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Ok, I’ll admit it. I used to get my car serviced at Walmart. Yes, Walmart. It was cheap and I thought that it was basically the same thing as getting my car serviced anywhere else. I was sorely mistaken. You see when you get your car serviced at a main dealer like your local Sid Dillon, there is a lot of other work and checks that are carried out. All of these checks and extra bits ensure that your car runs at its best and is safe to drive. Servicing your car is very important in general, and is definitely something you wouldn’t want to ignore.

When you get a new car, it will need to be serviced within the manufacturer’s guidelines. Missing services or having it serviced incorrectly could even void its warranty, which is just a headache you don’t want to have to deal with. While you certainly don’t have to go to a dealer to get your car serviced, going to your local Sid Dillon ensures that the manufacturer’s specified parts are used and your vehicle is maintained the way it needs to be.


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The exact work carried out will vary depending on the age of the vehicle and what the vehicle is, but a service will normally include changing the engine oil and air filter. Certain services may also include replacing the spark plugs(If your car needs those), antifreeze engine coolant, brake fluid or power steering fluid. Your vehicle will also be checked for any other issues that could be potentially problematic. These usually apply to safety-critical items like your tires and brakes.

Manufacturers invest millions (or even billions) of dollars developing a new model with the best possible durability and reliability, but a single poor experience can make you want to swap brands. What it really comes down to is the quality of service the dealership itself provides. For this reason, car makers invest heavily in their dealerships, with comprehensive staff training and the latest equipment.

So, even if you have a less than stellar service experience, you can make your displeasure known with a customer service supervisor or even with the brand itself. At dealerships like Sid Dillon, we strive to provide the best possible customer service because we truly care about our customers. We want them happy and we want their cars to work well for a long time.  Because of their direct link with the manufacturer, dealers like Sid Dillon can also provide extra benefits like software updates or non-essential recall work while servicing your car, at no additional cost.

Another well-known perk of a main-dealer service history is that it’s easier to sell your vehicle or at least make sure you get full asking price, which really, for that alone the servicing almost pays for itself! People buying your car can be certain that your car has been maintained to the absolute best standard with the correct parts! For this reason, DO NOT throw out any of your servicing invoices, and keep your stamped service history booklet nice and safe.

While in the moment going to a cheaper option may seem like the best bet, sticking with your dealership will save you in the long run. Sometimes you get what you pay for and it ends up costing you more in the end anyway. Stop by your local Sid Dillon today to get your vehicle serviced!



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