You Put The Baby Where?

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As someone who recently had a baby, I guess I wasn’t well aware of the car seat situation, and by car seat situation I mean the fact that some people don’t put a car seat in their trucks.

I have this friend who insists that in trucks because they are higher than most vehicles, that the child is safe in case of an accident. Even if that is true that it is safer, why would you not put your child in the car seat?

We all know that the back of the truck or the bed of the truck is not the safest place to put your car seat, so I get why you wouldn’t put the car seat there, but what about those trucks with the backseat? Why wouldn’t you put the baby in the back?

She is crazy I am telling you. Children are so fragile you cannot be keeping your child without a car seat!

Actually, it is a law in our state that if the truck has a backseat and the child is under seven years of age, the car seat should be put in the back of the truck. However, the law does also state that if your truck does not have a backseat, you can have your child sit in the front with the appropriate car seat.

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I still think that is a little too wild for me to let my child sit in the front seat of a truck. Accidents happen to anyone whether you are high up in a truck or down to the ground with a go-cart. There are also specific laws about whether or not the child should be facing forward or not.

I think that there are so many people who do not read the current regulations for vehicle safety and kids. As someone who just had a baby, I feel so worried that people just do not take the time necessary to find out what their kids actually need.

Just like it is important that adults wear their seatbelts, it is extra important that kids are buckled in as well. You never know when an accident might strike so taking your child into consideration just gives you more of a peace of mind.

There are different types of seats that your baby should be in depending on the size of the baby and the age. There are regulations on having a newborn in a five-year-old’s car seat. Please make sure that you follow all instruction while attaching your child’s car seat as different car seats require different instructions!


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