Diesel vs. Gas Trucks: Pros and Cons

Choosing a new pickup truck is no easy task. In addition to comparing brands, trim levels, optional upgrades, and packages, you’ll need to compare diesel vs. gas trucks to find out which is right for your work around Omaha! Despite the significant differences between them, there’s no single right answer. Explore the pros and cons of each engine today!

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Which Pickup Truck is Right for Me?

Why Should You Choose a Diesel Truck?

  • Torque and Towing: In general, diesel trucks are able to generate much higher quotients of torque than their non-diesel counterparts. This makes them popular as work trucks and transport vehicles.
  • Gas Mileage: Although diesel fuel can be more expensive than traditional gasoline, choosing the former option will get you many more miles per gallon. You’ll be able to go much longer between fueling stops.
  • Longevity: Diesel engines are less complex in their makeup than otherwise comparable gas-powered engines. For this reason and others, many diesel engines will deliver respectable performance for years longer than non-diesel options.

Why Should You Choose a Gas Truck?

  • Acceleration and Horsepower: Most drivers understand the value of torque, but there’s still something to be said for a truck with great horsepower and satisfying acceleration. Gas powered engines tend to win out on these fronts.
  • Easier Fill-Ups: One simple fact has helped to make non-diesel trucks more popular: it’s often easier to find gasoline filling stations than it is to find diesel fuel. This is generally true on the roads near Lincoln, and elsewhere.
  • Lower Maintenance Costs: Although one might expect that the simpler diesel engines would be easier to maintain, the opposite is true in almost all cases. Gas engines are associated with lower maintenance costs.

A Deeper Look at Diesel vs. Gas Engines

We’ve shown you most of the ways that diesel trucks win out over their gasoline-powered competitors, and vice versa. However, if you’re the type who pays close attention to technical specs, you just might have more questions. Here are a few facts you’ll want to keep in mind while comparing diesel vs. gas trucks:

  • Whether you opt for a gas or diesel truck, you’ll be choosing a vehicle with an internal combustion engine. No modern vehicle offers an external combustion engine, but we want to note that both types of engines are powered by similar sorts of technologies.
  • Diesel truck engines compress air at a ratio between 15:1 and 25:1. This is much higher than the compression ratio employed by gas-powered trucks, which tends to come in at a rate of 10:1. This higher pressure allows diesel to self-ignite, in most cases, without the help of traditional spark plugs.
  • As we noted above, diesel trucks can often be significantly more fuel efficient than non-diesel trucks. The reason? In diesel trucks, there is a smaller difference between the maximum hot and cold temperatures in the engine cycle.

Take Your Favorite Gas or Diesel Truck for a Test Drive!

Ready to get started? Our dealership network offers a stunning variety of new and used trucks, from popular makes like RAM, Ford, and Chevrolet! Now that you’ve compared diesel vs. gas trucks with our team, it’s time to set up your test drive near Blair. Don’t forget to check out our truck special offers before you do!

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