Get Your Vehicle Ready For The New Season With A Few Spring Cleaning Tips

May 26th, 2017 by

We are sure that everyone is glad to have the cold and blustery months of winter behind us with bright warm, sunny days to look forward to for the next few months. While driving on the road during spring and summer may be much more enjoyable without the covering of ice and snow that you find in the winter, the warmer season do bring their own share of road hazards that you need to be prepared for. Plus, as with everything else, Spring cleaning comes into pay as the seasons change and your car is certainly not an exception to that annual chore. Your vehicle will need to be spruced up and checked over for the beginning of Spring just line anything else in your life in order to make sure that all vehicle elements are in top shape and ready to keep you traveling safely all season long. Check out a few Spring Cleaning Tips below and be sure to bring your vehicle over to your local Sid Dillon if your vehicle is in need of anything more than some general upkeep.

1.) Test Air Conditioning It is most likely a safe assumption that your air conditioning system has not been turned on for a few months. In that time, there is a good chance that dust as settled in the vents of this system which is why you are going to want to turn it on for a test run before officially using it for the first time. This will avoid you ending up with a cloud of dust and other pollutants in your face.

2.) Replace Air Filter – Air filters are an essential vehicle component as they help to prevent dust, dirt, and other pollutants from compromising the affectability of the engine. Keeping the air filters free will prevent the engine from wear and help to improve gas mileage.

3.) Check Tires – When it comes to tires, the first thing that you want to do is check their tread depth. If the tread has become too worn down then their level of traction will be compromised which will cause them  to essentially become ineffective. In fact, if you encounter any of those heavy rains associated with this season, tires with a low tread can cause your vehicle to hydroplane. Therefore, make sure to go with the old reliable penny trick and see if it is time for those tires to be replaced. Secondly, if your tires are still in good enough shape to make it through the spring and summer the air pressure is something you need to keep an eye on. Rubber contracts in winter and expands in the summer which means that the warmer air can cause your tires to become overinflated which is not only bad for your gas mileage but dangerous as well putting you at risk for a blowout. So be sure to check the recommended psi level for your tires and check them periodically.

4.) Treat Windshield & Replace Wiper Blades – Last, but certainly not least, you will want to check out your windshield and wiper blades. Winter can be rough on wiper blades which is why they generally needs to be replaced annually. As we mentioned before, rain is a big part of the weather this time of year which is why you want to make sure you have wiper blades that are up to the job. Other way to combat the heavy spring rain is to treat your windshield with a rain repellent which will allow the water to bead and roll off the glass quickly to keep visibility at its best.

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