What is Tire Rotation?

May 14th, 2021 by
Tire Row

To ensure that your tires wear as evenly as possible, it is important to keep up with regular tire rotations. This simple service task can extend the life of the entire set of tires over time. What does tire rotation do? Regular tire rotations help to maintain traction, prevent blowouts, and keep your vehicle running as efficiently as possible. 

What Does Rotating Tires Mean?

During a tire rotation, your tires are moved from one position on your vehicle to another. For most vehicles, the front tires will move to the rear and the rear tires will move to the front. Your vehicle may also have a specific tire rotation pattern where the tires will change sides. Sid Dillon explores tire rotation basics below. 

  • For many Omaha vehicles, the front tires will wear down more rapidly because most vehicles carry more weight at the front. Drivetrain also plays a role in how quickly tires wear. 
  • Example: If you have a front-wheel drive vehicle, the majority of power is sent to the front axle and wheels. Because the front tires receive the brunt of this power, they wear down faster compared to RWD and AWD models. 
  • Drivetrain also determines the tire rotation pattern.

What Does Tire Rotation Do?

  • Ensures Proper Traction: Tires lose tread depth over time, and as tire tread wears down, traction is also reduced. This can affect how well your vehicle handles in certain situations on the roads of Lincoln. This is why it is so important to prevent uneven tire wear. 
  • Minimizes the Risk of Blowouts: Tires become more likely to fail as they start to wear. A tire blowout is not only inconvenient and costly, it can also be quite dangerous. 
  • Maximizes Efficiency Did you know that worn tires can actually strain your engine by creating drag? This can lead to less efficient performance on Fremont streets. 

Keep Your Tires in Peak Condition with Sid Dillon

Typically, tire rotations are recommended every 5,000 to 7,500 miles. However, it is a good idea to consult your owner’s manual to see what is recommended for your particular make and model. If your vehicle is due for a tire rotation, you can set up your next appointment with Sid Dillon. Contact us today for more information. 

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